PowerUp Latinx Biz is a first of its kind, Latinx-led collaborative movement focused on activating Massachusetts’ untapped economic potential by increasing growth and economic opportunity for Latinx-owned businesses. Our mission is to create visibility for Latinx-owned businesses, meaningfully connect them to existing resources, and recognize them as an influential consumer market that must be engaged by our entire business community. PowerUp is a program of Amplify Latinx. Learn More.


  • Latinx business lack connections to capital, management expertise, business networks, human capital, and partners necessary for growth.
  • Existing resources and programs for entrepreneurs are not inclusive or adept at connecting to the growing Latinx demographic.


  • Identify & Connect

    Identify and connect growth oriented Latinx owned businesses in Massachusetts

  • Build Relationships

    Facilitate connections among Latinx entrepreneurs through networking opportunities and online directory

  • Access Resources

    Foster relationship building and access to business resources, such as capital, education, mentors, accelerators, and growth opportunities

  • Policy Agenda

    Advance a policy agenda focused on driving economic opportunity and growth for Latinx businesses



    • Connect and become part of a leading network of Latinx companies in the Commonwealth
    • Access dedicated resources to support the growth of your businesses
    • Gain visibility for your business and access critical resources for growth

    • Become part of a community of curated resources for Latinx business owners
    • Connect to Latinx businesses and owners to participate in your programs and access your resources
    • Increase your program impact and community engagement goals

    • Support a collaborative initiative that fosters connectivity to existing organizations and their resources
    • Achieve broad program impact through an economic opportunity focus
    • Recognition as a founding sponsor of this Latinx social impact initiative